Take a piece of the shore home with you

Every shore town has its own special personality. Whether you enjoy a vibrant nightlife, calm peaceful mornings on the boardwalk, walking out the door of your vacation home right onto the beach, enjoying the amusements with family and friends or exploring the history of your adopted seaside town, there is a beach somewhere just right for you.

And on many of those beaches you’ll see the traditional lifeguard boats dotting those long stretches of sand. Once, they were used as a primary tool in ocean rescues of beachgoers. Now longboards and powered vehicles have taken over a lot of that role, but the lifeguard boats live on.

In competitions throughout the season you can find lifeguard tournaments that include several grueling rowing events. They are also kept on the beaches as a matter of pride for some towns. Some people have proposed marriage in them. Some have their family photo taken every year around them.

If you’ve found the beach town that fits your personality, now you can take home a replica of one of those lifeguard boats to remind you of all the good times at the beach. Keep it in your office, on your mantle or as a centerpiece to keep you connected to the coastal living style.

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