Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the boats?

There are two sizes and two styles of the boats. The small boats are approximately 15 inches in length and the large ones are roughly 20 inches. The two styles are Standard and Special Edition. Standard boats are all identical to each other with a stained natural wood interior, white exterior and blue lettering. Special editions vary in their details and are more detailed and more authentic.

Why is there a price difference between boats of the same size?

The special edition boats are made individually using pictures of the actual boat(s) for a given shore community. Because each boat is finished individually, there is more time and attention given to the details such as interior color, oar coloring, font styles, graphics and logos, placement of oar locks, structural differences, gunnels colors and other differences.

By contrast the standard boats are made and finished in larger batches. They all have the same interior finish, the same exterior color and the same color lettering. As a result they can be made more quickly and efficiently.

Where do you sell the boats?

We sell the boats primarily at craft fairs and similar events which take place mostly in beach communities along the Jersey shore. Select stores in New Jersey and as far away as Florida carry a limited selection of our boats too. Also, we occasionally list them on eBay. Soon, we plan to sell them directly on our facebbok fan page as well. Of course we also sell them on our website.

Do you have any for my town?

If we don’t, we’ll make one for you. The standard boats can be made for any town. In fact they don’t need to reflect a town at all. You may choose to name your boat, much like you might for a real full-sized one. Special Edition boats can be made for many towns for which we have good pictures to work from. That said, many towns have changed designs over the years so if there is a boat in particular you have in mind, you might want to contact us before placing an order to be sure we are on the same page.