Sizes and Accessories


  • Basically, the boats themselves come in two sizes:
    • Small – 15″ long, 4½” wide and 3″ high
    • Large – 20″ long, 5¾” wide and 3½” high
  • The half-hull plaques also come in two sizes:
    • Small – 16″ long, 5½” High and 3½” Deep
    • Large – 22″ long, 7″ High and 4″ Deep


Wave Stands ™ Made of molded resin from originals of our own design, and hand painted. Designed to tilt the boat slightly to add visual interest and to highlight the boats’ features. Tilt boats displayed high to allow interiors to be seen. Those on lower tables and shelves can be tilted to reveal side lettering. Small stands fit small boats. Likewise, large stands are for the large boats.

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