Styles and Options


Special Edition Boats: 

Made individually from pictures of the actual boats on the beach and/or used in lifeguard competitions. Because each boat is finished individually, there is more time and attention given to the details such as interior color, oar coloring, font styles, graphics and logos, placement of oar locks, structural differences, gunnels colors and other differences. These can also be personalized to some extent – though doing so may detract from their authenticity.

Standard Boats: 

All standard edition boats are identical except for the lettering on the outside of the boat. The stained and clear-coated interiors include two oars, life preserver and bailing bucket. The exteriors are white with a black rim along the edge. Letters are in blue unless otherwise noted. Because we can make many of these at once, we are able to make them more efficiently and therefore more economically. Personalization is available for an additional $2.00 and includes choice of town/beach, name or other personalization on bow in smaller letters (limit approximately 15 characters) and back personalization (limit approximately 20 Characters-usually the town and state).

Special Edition Lifeguard Boat Plaque: 

Similar to special edition boats, but these are half hulls mounted on wooden plaques. The same attention to detail is paid to these as to the special edition boats. The oars are also mounted on the plaque as is the life preserver. Again, these may also be personalized to some extent.

Standard Half-hull Plaques: 

Similar to standard edition boats, but these are half hulls mounted on wooden plaques. Bow and side personalization is also available on these as on the full-hull boats (sorry, back personalization not available). Please specify natural wood, or clean white background.

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